The Partnership

A Partnership in Excellence

Founded in 1946, Lenz has a longstanding reputation of producing high-quality hydraulic components and companion parts. Similarly, Nostrali is the European leader in the design and production of performing components for oil-pressure and pneumatic fields. Since there are so many parallels between the companies, it has become a natural fit for Lenz to become the exclusive distributor for Nostrali products in North America.

In December 2014 Lenz entered into an agreement to market Nostrali's range of products including breather plugs, magnetic plugs, screw plugs, level sight windows, safety valves, and silencer for your hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Ideal applications for Nostrali products include: gear boxes, gear reducers, axles, transmissons, compressors, small pump reservoirs, refrigeration, steam coffee vapor,machine tools.   

Nostrali Then & Now

Mr. Arnaldo Nostrali began his career in 1955 as a toolmaker for an automatic lathe manufacturer in the town of Montecchio, in Northeast Italy. This area of Northeast Italy is known as a technology corridor, with many tech companies creating a lot of innovative products and services. He relocated to Turin to use his experience and seek a new challenge to work for Fiat, where he gained valuable knowledge using CNC equipment. In 1967 he found a small garage workshop in Veneto and decided to start his own business, Nostrali Arnaldo s.r.l.

His company grew rapidly as the economy in this area expanded. He designed and developed a range of breather plugs and safety valves products in order to serve his customers in the compressor market and gearbox markets.

As the business grew Nostrali Arnaldo continued to expand his product line, becoming a leader in the European market for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. In the 1990’s new markets in Australia and South America were developed for their products. In 2000 Nostrali Arnaldo launched its first website and obtained CE certification on its range of safety Valves.

To ensure the future success of his company, in 2003 Patrizia Nostrali, (Arnold’s daughter), was appointed as the General Manager. That same year, Nostrali Arnaldo moved into a new facility of 2000 sq. meters (22,000 sq. ft.) in Montebello (Vicentino). In 2005 they received their ISO 9000 quality certification.

In January 2011 Nostrali Arnaldo joined the Athena Group S.P.A., an acknowledged leader in the manufacturing of innovative products for various industries in Italy and around the globe. The name was shortened to Nostrali at that time. Today Nostrali employs a mix of new and veteran employees who drive the company forward with a dynamic spirit and innovative products, offering their customers custom quality solutions in over 40 countries around the globe.